About Us

About Us

La Puerta Colombia was founded in early 2015 by Jaco Mijderwijk, who moved from the Netherlands to Colombia in 2012. After having worked for several ICT companies for approximately 22 years as an international senior salesman, he received the assignment to establish sales in Latin America for a Dutch automotive company. Realizing that the fleet management market in Latin America was not being offered solutions to meet their demands, Jaco started La Puerta Colombia S.A.S. to meet this demand. He believes and has proven that a perfect fit between information and processes can reduce fuel costs by more than 10%.

The last four years La Puerta Colombia has focused on building a team that can meet the current and future demands within the industry, combining global knowledge and process optimization to improve the profitability of its customers. La Puerta Colombia believes that, with excellent information presented in the best way, it is possible to focus on the biggest expense: optimizing the driving style in Latin America to be at the highest possible level of profitability. The way La Puerta Colombia wants to achieve this is to provide drivers with the tools to understand what it means to drive in a safe and durable economic manner, and to provide fleet owners with the information to support their drivers.


Offer the best information on driver, vehicle and fleet, to freight and passenger trucking companies, in order to improve their profitability.


To become the best solution in Latin America to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, positively transforming driving habits.


Honesty, quality, punctuality, passion, competitiveness, teamwork, customer orientation, social responsibility, problem solving.